The Best Travel Kettle 2022

The Best Travel Kettle 2022

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Appbottle smart software control travel kettle with mug

If you travel often, you must drink a cup of coffee or water by travel kettle. At this time, living in a hotel, boiling water will become a big problem. After all, the kettle in the hotel is a famous “dirty thing”, because you will never know what terrible things kettke has suffered. So the best choice is to bring your own portable travel kettle.

Do you have thought of having such a travel kettle, which can not only boil water, but also be used as a daily mug. More importantly, you can use mobile software to control the boiling water and customize any temperature?

As long as about 20 minutes, you can drink hot water and carry it in your bag. It can be said to be the perfect kettle in winter.

Safety and portability are the two most important design factors of portable kettles.

The kettle uses an input voltage of 20V. It can drink water at any time while keeping warm without pulling out the plug or powering off.

The bottle cover uses the small hole design of the coffee cup, so you don’t have to worry about choking or dripping when drinking water. This design is perfect in our test and use. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.

It’s not only good-looking, but also sealed well. I want to take it with me on business trips as long as I try it once.

When I arrived at the hotel at 1 a.m., the temperature was only single digits, and I shivered when I returned to the hotel without heating.

I want to drink some hot water to warm myself up, but when I see the kettle in the hotel, I can’t help thinking of those news pictures. But fortunately, I brought my drinking cup with me.

Pour in a full bottle of water, I take out mobile phone to control the boiling, and the water will boil when take a hot bath.

Moreover, this boiling cup can accurately control the temperature at 80 80 ℃, so that the tea leaves are more transparent and retain more nutrients.

In addition, coffee cannot be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃, but with hot water at about 80 ℃.

When the water temperature drops to 79 ℃, it will also heat automatically to keep the temperature between 79-81 ℃.

In addition to making tea and coffee, this water beaker can also set the temperature between 40 ℃ -100 ℃.


Whether it is milk powder, coffee or lemonade, it can match its most suitable temperature.

The minimum scale of the kettle is one gear per 1 ℃ to accurately control the water temperature.

Moreover, the real-time temperature can be displayed through the mobile phone screen, and the water temperature is clear at a glance.

When it is heated, the sound it makes is almost as loud as the fan sound of the notebook, and it won’t attract your attention.

It is completely silent when it is heated, and it will not affect sleep when it is placed at the head of the bed. You can drink warm water at any time when you get up in the middle of the night.

Some time ago, my cousin gave birth to a child. Every night when the child cries, she will get up and make milk powder for her.

Under normal circumstances, the best temperature for soaking milk is about 40 degrees, so nutrients will not be broken down and lost, so always heat it up and then cool it. After soaking, try the temperature with the back of your hand. It takes half an hour.

So I strongly recommend to her this kind of kettle that can display the temperature. After setting the temperature, it can be heated to 40 ℃ in 3 minutes to keep warm, and children can drink milk powder with appropriate temperature in 5 minutes. Parents can rest assured that children can drink milk at ease.

Mothers can’t be careless with what baby eats in his mouth, and the water baby drinks every day is the key.

The inner tank of portable water cup is made of 316 stainless steel, which has stronger corrosion resistance than ordinary 304 stainless steel.

Because of the addition of molybdenum, the heat resistance of 316 stainless steel is doubled, and there will be no “metallic smell” under high temperature. It is very suitable for mother and baby products.

The mini electric kettle has a capacity of 360 ml, while similar products on the market are generally only 300ml. It’s just right to brew milk twice or make a big pot of tea and coffee.

Compared with the collapsable kettle, it doesn’t need to be put into the bag. It can be conveniently placed on your hand or beside you as a water cup.

So it can be called the best kettle for travel!


5 thoughts on “The Best Travel Kettle 2022”

    1. As we are busy developing products, our blog is updated irregularly. You can refer to the experience and comments from Amazon customers in recent days. We would appreciate it if you would like to become a user of our products.
      Comments:I’m glad I took the gamble on this. You never know when your order random things shipped from China on amazon. I bought it for a 3 week trip in Europe so I wouldn’t have to carry a travel kettle and a insulated cup. But what surprised me is I fell in love with using it at my desk at home (In the U.S.) before the trip. I used it in Europe with another 65w usb c plug with a European plug and it also worked well.

      It takes at least 10 minutes to boil water. Which isn’t the fastest thing but if you are patient it works well and subsequent heatings take less time once its hot. Using already warm tap water helps. I don’t wait for the beep because it actually reaches a boil long before it says its done. I feel the outside of the cup and listen for the rolling boil sound which usually happens long before it beeps at me.

      It only holds about 8 oz worth of liquid so its only good for an individual serving. You can fill it to the fill line which is very close to the top. I never had it over boil and spit water as I feared it would. The insulation on the cup is top notch and it keeps liquids warm even with out the warming function on for a long time. Its also pretty leak proof. Its a great multi tasker if that’s what you are looking for. I used it many times and it didn’t crap out on me. I also used it to keep cold beverages insulated and cold at the beach. Sadly I did end up leaving it in a hotel room at the end of the trip by accident and I’ve ordered a replacement because I loved it that much.

      I like that its stainless steal inside and easy to clean inside. It is a pain to try and clean it in such a way that no water gets into the usb c port. You have to be careful. I really wish I knew if the plastic lid was bpa free. Last thing to note is the lid expands with heat so you either need to screw it on very lightly if you plan to unscrew it to add a tea bag or you need to just accept the lid isn’t coming off and poor the water into another cup. My husband used it to make a pour over coffee into another cup and found it great for that purpose.

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