Best 12v Kettle for Camping and Motorhome 2022

Why 12v Kettle for Motorhome is necessary?

With temperatures dropping, having a water bottle (kettle for camping and motorhome) that can be heated anytime, anywhere is a must-have for long hauls, especially long-haul drivers and RV travelers. Appbottles brought us a 12v camping kettle that can be powered by 12v and 24v with the car cigarette lighter, and can also be heated and boiled by 100v-240v power supply through the type C fast charging head. More importantly, the water cup can view and control the temperature in real time through the mobile phone software, so that the cup can be kept at a constant temperature.

Coffee is the RV traveler’s go-to refreshment. For them, having hot coffee anytime and anywhere on the road ensures that overnight stops are available before dark.

However, obtaining delicious coffee requires extremely high temperature. At this time, if there is a car heating cup, travelers can boil water in their car, and the temperature can be accurately set to 85 ℃. Not only can you drink delicious coffee brewed with the best water temperature, but you can also set the coffee temperature to 50°C and put it in the car cup holder to drink at any time. These are the two core functions of the Appbottles smart heating cup: heating and constant temperature.

How the travel kettle functions

After the power is turned on, after the mobile phone software is connected to the water cup, the current water temperature can be displayed in real time, and the temperature you need can be set by adjusting (accurately set within 40-100 °C), and then press the setting button to start heating. In addition, it has a memory function, the temperature set last time will be stored, and there is no need to set the temperature again after the power is turned on again, just press the setting button to start heating. The red button of the cup body flashes, which means it is heating. If the button is not lit, it is in a power-off state.

When the water temperature is 1°C lower than the current set temperature, it will automatically start heating, and automatically stand by after reaching the set temperature, and repeat this process continuously, thus achieving the effect of “constant temperature”.

After the first boil, the target isothermal temperature can be set. Its constant temperature is limited to a maximum temperature of 90 ° C, which can avoid repeated boiling and increase the nitrate content in the water. In addition, in order to prevent the safety risk of high air pressure in the bottle caused by boiling water, it is equipped with a vent hole. Of course, the coffee flip design also allows it to have a good airtightness. More importantly, the water cup can be set to rated power (its maximum power is 65W), which is good news for the battery.

Actual heating speed

In the experimental environment, the room temperature is about 15°C, tap water is connected, and the initial water temperature is 9°C after power-on, and the heating temperature is set to 90°C, then press the setting button to start the heating, and at the same time, turn on the camera to take pictures with a delay of 1 minute. The operation process is a bit complicated, so there is a few seconds of error in the timing, which can be ignored.

From this table, the heating effect can be seen. In winter, you can drink hot water with just the right temperature in about 10 minutes.

General We use thermos cups to pour freshly boiled water directly. If you want to drink water with a moderate temperature, it will take a while. Therefore, for drivers who drive for a long time, it is best to drink water at a suitable temperature anytime, anywhere. . Therefore, the heating cup only has a constant temperature function, so that the hot water can be quickly reduced to a temperature suitable for drinking without electricity.

But if the cup leaves the car or the power goes out, it is no different from a regular cup, but it can continue to be used through the charging head after returning to the room or hostel.


In the series “Breaking Bad”, Jimmy was so angry that he removed the cup holder of the Mercedes-Benz because the cup could not be put in it. Some cars have a small cup holder, but it’s just enough to put it down. The length of the cable is suitable for the distance of the front passenger, and the rear passenger can connect the rear cigarette lighter if they want to use it.

The large cap has a short thread opening, which matches accurately and feels good in the hand. The sealing ring looks small, but it is very firm. The cap of the vial is a silicone stopper, which is convenient for the driver to operate with one hand. At the same time, the inner liner of the car kettle is made of 316L stainless steel, and the volume is 350ml, which is just enough for one person to drink at one time.


To sum up, the core function of the kettle for camping and motorhome is actually very simple, that is, “heating”, which is powered by connecting the 12V or 24V (van) cigarette lighter in the car. At the same time, the rich power supply options have added many usage scenarios, which are especially suitable for Travelers who are away from home for a long time. In the past two years, there have been more and more such car heating cups and car thermos products. Compared with other ordinary ones, Appbottles smart water cups are full of innovation and have been favored by many travelers in countries such as the United States, Australia and India.

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