2022 Best Heated Coffee Mug

2022 Best Heated Coffee Mug for Boiling Water!

heated coffee mug

I am surrounded by many travel professionals and workaholics. They are really on the road all year round. It is the greatest happiness to drink clean, sanitary, warm water with just right temperature anytime and anywhere, especially a cup of heated coffee brewed at 85 ° C(185℉).

I often want to drink hot water soon after I go out, but the water in the thermos pot is still boiling, and it is too hot to go down; If you drink all the water in the travel mug, you can only be accompanied by ice mineral water.

If you want to drink clean water, you can only rest assured by bringing your own kettle.

I have used more than 10 Travel kettles before and after, but none of them can satisfy me. Fortunately, I finally found this small, portable, safe and easy-to-use portable electric water cup, which combines a kettle and a thermos cup.

With it, you can boil water wherever you want, and you can drink water at the temperature you want when you want to drink warm water.

Whether it’s a short trip or a long-distance trip, it’s definitely a must-have for me!

Despite its small size, this hot water cup has three levels of accurate temperature control: 45 ℃, 75 ℃ and 100 ℃. It can not only make tea and coffee, but also brew milk powder for baby.

It takes less than 20 minutes to boil a pot of water, which really makes me drink a mouthful of hot water at any time. Most importantly, the input voltage of 20V provides a guarantee for safety, and you can even drink while keeping warm.

The electric heated mug adopts the universal voltage, 110-240V, and can be taken on the plane. The student party has no problem using it in the dormitory.

It has both appearance and function, is light and portable, and is absolutely a intimate companion for travel.

At 100 ° C, it is easy to boil water, make tea and make instant noodles.

At 85 ° C, the brewed coffee is mellow, mellow and smooth.
Make milk powder.

At 50 ℃, and when you take your baby on a trip, you can just make warm but not hot milk for child.

Connect the power supply and set the temperature.

No matter at home, dormitory, office or hotel, you can quickly burn the water temperature you need.

The process of boiling water is also quiet, without any boiling noise!

Moreover, when the water is boiled to 100 ℃, the built-in safety mode will automatically cut off the power of the cup, effectively preventing dry burning and short circuit, which is really very humanized.

Whether it’s drinking water on business or washing baby’s milk during travel, the safety of boiling water must be paid attention to.

The inner tank of the electric water cup is made of 316L stainless steel for food contact, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, easy to clean and rust.

Moreover, heating will not release harmful substances. The cup cover does not contain BPA, and the boiled water has no odor. Every mouthful is warm and healthy.

The double-layer structure design is adopted, and the middle layer uses the rare vacuum technology in the market, which can be well insulated and scalded.

There is no need to worry about being scalded by the cup during the heating process. This double-layer vacuum structure design can also achieve long-term insulation.

350 ml capacity, only 480g weight, lighter than iPad!

It’s very convenient to go out with you. Satchels, handbags and backpacks can be put down! I have no sense of weight.

Business trip, travel, put in the suitcase will not occupy the space of other luggage.

The super sealing property ensures that it is “watertight”. Normally, it does not need to worry about water leakage in bags and luggage. It is very considerate.

Universal voltage, Japan, the United States, Australia and France, can be taken on the plane.

Friends who often go on business must have one. As long as there is a power supply, they can drink clean hot water.

On buses, high-speed trains and airplanes, make a cup of scented tea at any time to moisten your throat and relieve the fatigue of the journey.

It will not be idle at ordinary times. It is placed in the office. It is both a cup and a personal hot pot. It is clean and sanitary.

When driving, you can also make a pot of tea in advance to keep warm and refresh yourself on the road.

No matter the strength or the price, they all crush other similar products. The cost performance ratio is too high.

One portable electric heated mug = kettle + coffee cup. It is so great!

Water is the source of life. Since we can’t live without water, why not change a good water boiling equipment. You don’t have to make do with business and travel, so that you can drink more healthily and at ease.

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