Intelligent All-in-one Self Heating Coffee Travel Mug

Intelligent all-in-one self heating coffee travel mug

coffee travel mug

The coffee travel mug is an intelligent integrated self heating cup + brewing system. Its base is made of a heatable base, embedded with an intelligent temperature control chip, and can be accurately controlled by mobile phones.

In my opinion, this cup is a combination of self heating integrated coffee cup and intelligent technology. In fact, similar products have been seen in the market in the past, but most of them I think pay more attention to intelligent temperature control, so the design of the mug itself has become less ritual. Personally, the travel coffee cup is always the best feeling to drink. It will be a great experience both in touch and vision. So this coffee cup is “taking the cup as the starting point”, and has evolved the mug through design.

Appbottles mug is a two-part system, including a cup and a heating base. The cup itself is strong and made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. It comes from mature technical debugging. Each cup is equipped with a cover, which is designed to fit the top of the cup. It can assist in thermal insulation when actually used, and the overall design is more natural and generous.

The flavor of coffee will have a large perceptual difference with the change of temperature, so the word “temperature control” seems to have never been far from every link of coffee brewing, especially “electric kettle temperature control”. Therefore, it can keep the temperature at a relatively optimal drinking temperature, which can greatly improve your daily experience of drinking coffee, including traveling. The heating of this cup is relatively simple. Through the principle of electromagnetic energy, the inlaid metal particles in the bottom of the cup become hot. From a scientific point of view, the best temperature for enjoying hot drinks is 130 ° f / 54 ° C. The mug is designed to maintain this average temperature for a long time, thereby maintaining the flavor and freshness of the beverage.

The designer of Appbottles travel mug also conducted a heating performance analysis. It was conducted at room temperature of 68 ° f / 20 ° C for 4 hours, with or without cover, with or without heating. Under the same room temperature, different combinations still have great differences in the continuity of temperature maintenance.

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Here, the Appbottles also gives suggestions for use:

If you are brewing coffee, use 350 ml of hot water (there is a corresponding drinking water line on the water tank) and two flat scoops of coffee powder, that is, two flat scoops of coffee powder (equivalent to 20 grams of coffee).

If you are brewing tea, a spoonful (about 7 or 8 grams of tea) is also soaked in 350 ml of hot water.

At present, such a set of appliances is sold on the official website. The travel coffee mug with temperature control kettle is $75.99. You can click the button below to buy it directly or choose Amazon to buy it.


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