Car 12V Water Heater Coffee Mug with App Temperature Control Bottle with Kettle


  • The smart water bottle can be connected to the mobile phone program through Bluetooth, control the temperature through software, and view the real-time temperature at the same time.
  • The water cup can only boil boiling water in MacBook and other laptops that support fast charging and 65w20v chargers. Connecting portable power supply and common charger can only heat and maintain the water temperature at 122℉(50 ℃).
  • When the water cup is heated, the sound is about 35 dB, which does not affect the child’s sleep.
  • The water cup has a capacity of 350 ml, which is convenient for travel, office and other places. If you need to maintain a constant temperature, you need to connect an external portable power supply. At the same time, it is also suitable for coffee lovers and children in school.
  • There is a touch button on the water cup, which can select three modes: green light 122℉(50 ℃) / yellow light 158℉(70 ℃) / red light boiling water.
  • Package included water cup, cigar lighter data cable, instruction manual.

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12V Cigarette Lighter, 65W Charger, 12V Cigarette Lighter and 65W Charger


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